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Maintenance Tips for Belts and Hoses

All parts of a car are connected. Belts and hoses perform in a similar way as veins and arteries of the body. They take much needed fluids from one part of the system to the other to keep it running smoothly. If the belts and hoses are working symbiotically, the engine is free to do the job it is meant to do.

The serpentine belt acts as a pulley system and coordinates the functioning of the steering pump, water pump, and alternator. One of the most vital hoses in the engine is the coolant hose, also known as the radiator hose. It delivers coolant to the engine. The radiator releases a great deal of heat. If the hose isn’t delivering the coolant, the engine quickly overheats.

If the belts are cracked they won’t spin as they should, which forces other components in the engine to work harder. Once those cracks appear, there is no way to predict when the belt will break entirely. If you notice leaks under your car when you move it or you hear unusual squealing, especially when you steer or speed up, consider having your hoses and belts checked. You can spot check for any cracks in belts to catch them before they break completely.

If you have any concerns about belts and hoses on your car, let Tire World take a look. We can check out all hoses and belts to ensure they are free of cracks and leaks. We’ll replace any that need it. With full service and affordable prices, there is no need to put off having your belts and hoses serviced.

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