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3 Magical Ways to Clean Your Car’s Dirty Interior

Ok Rochester, we’re in the homestretch! Winter’s clock is zeroing down, which is great because your vehicle is getting pretty sick of the snow, salt, and dirt that’s caked on its exterior. But no worries, soon you’ll be able to clean that off as the snowstorms come to a close.

But what about the INTERIOR? That’s what this post is all about. We’ll share with you some auto detailing tips on how to KICK the “Rochester-Snowstorm-look” OUT of your car.

1. Vacuum Up Loose Debris

Take a look at the floor of your vehicle. Is it smothered with salt stains? Are granular rocks and dirt scattered in and around your floormats? A good way to start cleaning is with a vacuum. Grab a vacuum that features hose and brush attachments (maybe even a shop vacuum). Before you start, manually shake out any loose debris from your floormats by hand. Then start vacuuming up all the dirt and debris that’s hiding inside the carpet, floormats, seat cushions, and tiny crevices of your vehicle. 

2. Scrub Using Upholstery Cleaners

Black slush stains are harder (sometimes impossible) to get out with a vacuum. When grime creates discoloration on your carpet, leather, or other upholstery, you’ll want to bring in heavier artillery. There are many carpet and upholstery cleaners you can use to deep clean your upholstery. These cleaners avoid excessive use of moisture to prevent mold growth. For LEATHER upholstery, use a product that’s specially designed for leather cleaning. Followup with leather conditioner to protect the upholstery from getting stained or cracked in the future.  

3. Use Microfiber Dust Cloth on Dashboard

As a finishing touch to your newly cleaned interior, let’s look at your dashboard. Dust and grime can get in your way from clearly seeing your car’s instrument panel. A microfiber dust cloth can clean up all distractions. Afterwards, use a product that will protect it from UV rays, oxidation, and from peeling or fading. If it’s too late to prevent a warped dashboard, you could hide it underneath specially designed covers. Remember: summer IS coming!

If you want more advice or tips, we’re always here to help! If calling is easier than visiting, give us a ring at 585-671-4120. We’d be happy to help!

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