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What’s the Best Way to Care for Your Car’s Air Conditioning?

It’s (finally) time to think about your car’s cooling system. We get a plethora of questions about it each year: What happens during a typical maintenance check? Does the refrigerant need to be replaced? Why does it sometimes blow warm air? We’ve put together some simple answers so that you know the BEST way to take care of your car’s air conditioning.

  1. Maintenance Check

When you get an air conditioning system check up, your mechanic will perform several pressure checks. All of the components – the compressor, evaporator, fan, and condenser – will be checked to make sure everything is functioning properly. Your mechanic will keep an eye out for potential leaks and make appropriate repairs.

Cooling systems consist of multiple hoses that crack over time. As a result, you lose approximately 10% of your air conditioning’s efficiency every time you turn the system on. We suggest getting your system checked about every 2 years.

  1. Topping-off vs. Recharging your Refrigerant

Car owners often debate if it’s more efficient to get their refrigerant levels topped-off or recharged. What’s the difference? Topped-off means your auto mechanic replaces the amount of refrigerant that leaked out through cracked hoses or belts. Recharging means your mechanic removes the refrigerant in your vehicle, purifies it by removing all contaminants, and puts it back into your cooling system.

The answer to the debate: you’ll need a recharge only if your mechanic needs to open the cooling system. If you have cracked, leaky hoses that need to be replaced, your mechanic will open the system and then recharge your refrigerant.

  1. Replace the Filter

You need to replace your car’s A/C filter once a year or 15,000-20,000 miles. Over time, especially as the summer heats up and you use the cooling system pretty much every time you get into their vehicle, the filter collects dirt, bugs, and other impurities from the air. Fortunately, it’s a DIY chore; you can find the filter by removing the glove box. But always start with reviewing the owner’s manual.

If you have any concerns about your car’s air conditioning, our service techs are happy to help! Call 585-394-2350 for immediate assistance.

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