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What Should I Do if my Car Won’t Heat Up?

What's Wrong with my Car? 

Now that it’s December, we do all we can to make our drive as warm and cozy as possible. We start our cars half an hour early just so it has time to heat up before we climb in. We race the first mile or two down the road to get the engine heated up as quickly as possible.

  car radiator

But what if your car just won’t heat up? You turn the heat to the hottest setting, but you don’t feel warm air coming out the vents. What’s going on, and more importantly, what can you do about it?

Before we jump right into the diagnosis, let’s talk about what’s going on behind the scenes inside your vehicle.

Going Back to the Basics

The basic operation of your vehicle’s heating system contains a few major steps.

car radiator

The coolant – a mix of water and antifreeze – absorbs heat that is generated from the engine. A system of hoses carries that heated coolant to either one of two places – the radiator in the front of your car, where the heat is expelled outside, or to the heater core that’s located behind the vents in your dashboard. The heater core is basically a mini-radiator; the only difference, other than size, is it directs the heat inside the cabin of your car, whereas the radiator expels it outside. car radiator

Adjacent to the heater core is the blower motor, which sends warm air into the cabin of your car. As the heat leaves the coolant, the system is already sending the cooled fluid back to the water pump where it is directed back toward the engine to be heated once again.

So What’s Wrong with my Car?

Thanks to the complexity of the heating system, several components can malfunction and rob you of that cozy ride.

  1. The most common problem is usually found with the hoses. Over time, they often crack and sprout coolant leaks that leave a puddle of liquid beneath your car.

  2. The heater core can corrode after frequent use.

  3. The problem may be as simple as a low coolant level in the reservoir.

  4. The heater core can become clogged with debris. The only solution is a heater core replacement accompanied with a coolant flush and fresh antifreeze/water mix.

  5. If you can’t feel any air, neither hot nor cold, coming out of the vents, your blower motor is probably broken. You may have an electrical problem such as a loose wire or defective power relay.

Although this list isn’t exhaustive, it gives you an idea of how all the components of your heating system need to work together to give you a comfortable ride. When we look for the source of the problem, we always check the entire heating system to make sure we don’t overlook anything.

Is it time for a heating system checkup, diagnosis, or service? We can help you locate the problem and get your car nice and cozy once again. Call 585-671-4120 to schedule or ask questions – we’re happy to help!

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