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How to Recognize An Unreputable Auto Shop

How to Recognize

An Unreputable Auto Shop

We’ve had some of our customers mention to us that they’re nervous about getting gypped when they go to a brand-new auto shop for repairs.

Although that was a common problem a few decades ago, most auto shops of today are reputable. As an industry standard, auto shops get their ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) certification, which states their commitment to high quality auto repairs and services.

If you’re still nervous, we’ve put together a few tips for you so you know how to avoid these kinds of shops.

How to Avoid Unreputable Car Repair Shops

Keep an Eye out for These 3 Questionable Practices

Once you understand some of the practices of unreputable auto shops, you’ll know what to look for the next time your vehicle needs professional attention. Learn to recognize these 3 tactics that will increase your repair bill:

  1. Gravy Work

Probably the most common dishonest practice is saying your service will take longer than it actually does. Since most shops charge by the hour, they can increase their profits by saying a job took 2 hours, when in reality, it took maybe half.

However, some auto shops have well experienced mechanics and good tools that make the job take less time but still deliver quality.

  1. Check Engine Lightauto repair

Many auto owners are very uncomfortable when the check engine light comes on, and some mechanics will exploit their customer’s fears. But the light shows up for a huge variety of reasons, some of which aren’t so dangerous – but yes, others that are as well.

For example, the light can come on because you forgot to fully screw the gas cap the whole way, which seals the fuel system, or because you need a new catalytic convertor, which cost approximately $500-$850 (depending on the make and model of the vehicle).

As you can see, the seriousness of the situation varies. Some mechanics take advantage of the situation, calling it the “idiot light” as a reference to making a bigger deal about it than it really is.

  1. Wallet Flushauto repair

Some auto shops charge very low prices for certain jobs, such as routine oil changes or wheel services. They sell these services at a loss just to get you into the garage. Once there, they can then try to upsell you on coolant flushes, power steering flushes, transmission fluid flushes, etc.

Most transmission fluids can last up to 100,000 miles, but some do need to be changed every 30,000 miles. It depends on several factors, such as the make and model of the vehicle, the area in which you drive, and the age and repair history of your car. For some vehicles, the transmission fluid rarely needs to be replaced, and some manufacturers don’t even recommend one. You’ll know if you need a flush if you hear grinding noises from the engine or you often slip out of gear.

How to Stay Invincible to Auto Repair Poor Practices

Educate Yourself on How Your Vehicle Works

Auto mechanics can take advantage of you only if you don’t understand your vehicle. Our most important piece of advice is to learn your owner’s manual. Try to educate yourself on the basics of how your car works so you’ll have a point of reference when you do take your car into a shop.

Check for Recommendations

Before heading to the nearest auto shop, check out what people have to say about it on Yelp. The reviews can be very descriptive and helpful, especially if you’ve never been to that auto shop before. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which will tell you if the auto shop has earned any certifications, especially the ASE.

Give your Bill a Good Look

Always ask for prices up front and understand what you’re paying for. Services or parts that are priced too high indicate the mechanics are paid by commission, which means the more they sell, the more you pay. On the other hand, question if a service is too low – they may be trying to get you into their shop for a cheap service, only to upsell you on a more major repair.

We hope these suggestions help you know how to protect your wallet every time you enter an auto shop. Although most auto shops are honest nowadays, it pays to keep a wary eye just in case.

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